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Kosciuszko Run

Kosciuszko RunThe Kosciuszko Run is a new and exciting addition to the 2010 Festival. The race is being organised by the Melbourne-based Strzelecki Heritage Inc.

The Run will begin at 11am, on Friday, March 19. A Strzelecki Walk around Lake Jindabyne will also start at 7am on March 20.

Click here to find all of the details about the Kosciuszko Run, including: participant requirements, entry criteria, compulsory equipment, race headquarters, race parking, registration, presentations, accommodation and more.

Heart FoundationThe Kosciuszko Run is also supporting the Heart Foundation! "Your achievement will be all the more meaningful knowing that the money you raise will help the Heart Foundation continue the fight against cardiovascular disease, which claims one Australian life every 11 minutes. Your support will help the Heart Foundation fund medical research as well as education and prevention programs for the community." Click here to find out more.

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