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The 2008 Festival

2008 PosterThe 2008 Mound and Mount Kosciuszko Festival was held on Mount Kosciuszko (April 18), in Jindabyne (April 19) and in Cooma (April 20). The stunning beauty of the mountainous backdrops and picturesque countryside were complemented by the high spirits of festival participants.

The first-ever festival anthology proved to be a delightful keepsake. The growing participation of local community members was also much valued. Many memories were captured in the following multimedia.

Please Note: Unless otherwise indicated, the following links will either keep you on the kozziefest.org website, or take you to the Polish-Australian Internet Newspaper Puls Polonii.

Various photographers captured the magic of the festival in three locations.

- Photo-gallery 1: Friday, April 17
- Photo-gallery 2: The festival in Australian media
- Photo-gallery 3: Friday, April 17
- Photo-gallery 4: The festival in the eyes of Carole Thomas
- Photo-gallery 5: The Kosciuszko Festival Mass at St Patrick's

The following short films were produced by Oskar Kantor of Oski Pictures, with the assistance of independent filmmaker Marek Kamma.

- The 2008 Festival: Part 1 (YouTube)
- The 2008 Festival: Part 2 (YouTube)
- The 2008 Festival: Part 3 (YouTube)

Articles written by various authors were published on Puls Polonii before, during and after the 2008 Mound and Mount Kosciuszko Festival.

24/06/08 POL K'Ozzie: Bo tak naprawd? to jest rok roboty!
15/06/08 ENG & POL Four Festival Films
12/06/08 ENG A meeting with the Hon. Mike Kelly
22/05/08 POL Festiwalowe opowie?ci - 1 (niestety, na raty)
21/05/08 ENG My impressions of the Polish Festival
18/05/08 ENG Mound & Mt Kosciuszko Festival 2008 Sponsors
15/05/08 POL Nowa fotogaleria - troch? inna
13/05/08 ENG Ryszard Sarkowicz on T. Kosciuszko
12/05/08 POL Witold Krzesi?ski o pracy dyplomaty w Australii
11/05/08 ENG An Ode to Mothers
07/05/08 ENG Kosciuszko Festival: Documentary by Les Strzelecki
  ENG "Kosciuszko" donation for Cooma Hospital
  POL Pisz? o nas ...
06/05/08 POL Jak dobrze nam zdobywa? gór?...Ko?ciuszki
03/05/08 ENG & POL More Songs and Poems from Jindabyne
01/05/08 ENG & POL Post-Festival Letters and Congratulations
  ENG & POL Festival Songs and Poems from Jindabyne Memorial Hall
  POL Kosciuszko Song "Bo my z Ciebie..."
    Festiwal w TV Polonia
29/04/08 ENG FKPP Song Competition: 'Stanislaw'
    Pielgrzymka na Festiwalu
28/04/08 ENG Prize-Winning Poem: 'Dancing in the Wind'
  ENG Prize-Winning Poem: 'Kosciuszko High'
  ENG A Gem of Cultural Experience
  POL Wiersz: Ko?ciuszko nad Snowy River
24/04/08 POL Festiwalowy recital Krzysztofa Ma?ka
    Relacja z Mound & Mt Kosciuszko Festival
23/04/08 POL Mi?dzy Jindabyne a Koninem
  POL Piosenki - laureatki konkursu
22/04/08 ENG & POL Festival Voices / Festiwalowe g?osy
  ENG Official Opening of Mound & Mt Kosciuszko Festival
21/10/07 POL Przypominamy o dwóch konkursach
16/10/07 ENG Mound & Mt Kosciuszko Music Competition
  POL Ko?ciuszkowski konkurs muzyczno-poetycki
  ENG Mound & Mt Kosciuszko Photographic Competition
  POL Ko?ciuszkowski konkurs fotograficzny

The following documents were either distributed at the festival, or were produced to promote the festival.

- Official 2008 Festival program (3,659KB, PDF)
- Example of the certificates presented to sponsors (1,992KB, PDF)
- The cover of Les Strzelecki's film about the Festival (151KB, JPG)
- A message from the Festival Directors (761KB, PDF)

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