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The 2009 Festival

2009 PosterThe 2009 K'Ozzie Fest was held on Mount Kosciuszko (April 17), in Jindabyne (April 18) and in Cooma (April 19). Tens of performing artists – young and old, from around Australia, and from different backgrounds – entertained crowds at both the day and evening events.

The announcement of the winners of the Strzelecki Art Competition, and the exhibition of works submitted for the competition, were just two of the highlights of the festival. More memorable moments can be found by following the links below.

Please Note: Unless otherwise indicated, the following links will either keep you on the kozziefest.org website, or take you to the Polish-Australian Internet Newspaper Puls Polonii.

An array of photographs captured all of the colour and dynamism of the festival. The images were assembled by Puls Polonii editors.

- Photo-gallery one: Friday, April 17
- Photo-gallery two: Saturday, April 18
- Photo-gallery three: Sunday, April 19

Oskar Kantor produced the following short film, in Polish, about the festival. The narrator is Dariusz Paczynski of SBS Radio.

- The 2009 K'Ozzie Fest (YouTube)

Articles written by various authors were published on Puls Polonii before, during and after the 2009 K’Ozzie Fest.

07/05/09 POL One Adyna, one poem, two songs
05/05/09 ENG After K’Ozzie Fest 09 (updated version)
03/05/09 POL Wspomnienia laureatki rymowank? zako?czone (3)
02/05/09 POL Uwaga mi?o?nicy zimowego szale?stwa
  ENG & POL Film snapshots from the Kosciuszko Festival
01/05/09 POL Laureatka Burkiewicz – wspomnie? festiwalowych cz??? 2
  POL Festiwalowa antologia oraz koszulki z logiem Kozzie Fest
30/04/09 POL Wspomnienia laureatki festiwalowego konkursu (1)
29/04/09 POL Kosciuszko Run 2010
  ENG & POL Festival Echoes – updated
  POL Nasza laureatka Natalia Krysiak
  POL Kto to? Szale?cy czy patrioci?
  POL Chcia?aby dusza do raju
28/04/09 ENG No, it is not Christmas yet: snow in Thredbo
27/04/09 ENG After K’Ozzie Fest 09
  POL Tu Radio SBS – reporta? z Jindabyne & Cooma
26/04/09 ENG Festival Echoes
25/04/09 POL Wielki reporta? Darka Paczy?skiego z Jindabyne & Cooma
24/04/09 ENG Felix Molski about K’Ozzie Fest
  POL O Festiwalu Kozzie na stronie Ambasady Polskiej
  POL Pi?tek na dachu Australii
23/04/09 ENG K’Ozzie Festival speech by Witold Krzesi?ski
22/04/09 ENG & POL See the first photo-gallery from the Festival
21/04/09 POL A poem about the 2009 K'Ozzie Fest
20/04/09 ENG & POL Information about the Festival Anthology
19/04/09 ENG & POL Read about each Art Competition winner
18/04/09 ENG & POL The winners of the Strzelecki Art Competition
  ENG & POL The finalists in the Strzelecki Art Competition
16/04/09 POL Pogoda na festiwal
  ENG The festival program has been released: click here to see it
11/04/09 POL Ja?minka pakuje beciki i walizeczki
08/04/09 POL Autokar na festiwal ko?ciuszkowski
07/04/09 POL Premiery filmowe 18 kwietnia w czasie 'K’Ozzie Fest'
03/04/09 POL Autokar na festiwal ko?ciuszkowski
01/04/09 ENG Cheryl Davison’s paintings at K’Ozzie Fest
  POL Z festiwalowego pola bitwy
31/03/09 POL Najm?odsza uczestniczka K’Ozzie Fest
29/03/09 POL Filmowe migawki z trasy P.E. Strzeleckiego
27/03/09 ENG Do you want to feel like Strzelecki in 1840?
26/03/09 ENG & POL Informacja o straganach
23/03/09 ENG Become a sponsor of K’Ozzie Fest
17/03/09 POL Szlakiem Strzeleckiego
15/03/09 POL Ballada o górze Ko?ciuszki
12/03/09 ENG ‘Kozziefest’ Film Crew Goes Off the Beaten Track
10/03/09 POL Z Melbourne do Jindabyne
04/03/09 ENG Who were you Adyna?
03/03/09 POL Przedfestiwalowe zebranie artystów “ko?ciuszkowskich”
01/03/09 ENG The American Friends of Kosciuszko Award
28/02/09 POL Piosenka o górskiej daisy
27/02/09 ENG Tattered, torn and weary
19/02/09 POL Siedem dni do ko?ca konkursu
17/02/09 ENG A new poem: “Strzelecki”
15/02/09 POL Konkurs graficzny ko?czy si? 27 lutego 2009
13/02/09 ENG & POL The official Festival posters have been revealed
11/02/09 POL Co ma Strzelecki na talerzu?
10/02/09 POL Festiwalowy go?? z Perth – Christine Strzelecki
04/02/09 POL Adyna, przyje?d?aj, tu jest fajnie!
  ENG Accommodation in Jindabyne
  ENG K’Ozzie Fest: Artists and Stalls
03/02/09 POL K’Ozzie Fest – arty?ci i stoiska
  POL Accommodation in Jindabyne
30/01/09 POL Termin sk?adania prac konkursowych mija 27 lutego
28/01/09 POL Niespodzianki i kopniaki
14/01/09 ENG No powder, no fire? – Eat them raw!
  POL Ekspedycja Strzeleckiego w Gippsland
  POL Festiwal Strzeleckiego w Yarram
12/01/09 POL “Posy?am ci kwiat…” czyli jeszcze jeden bryk konkursowy
06/01/09 POL Strzelecki w ciemnym zwierciadle Heleny
05/01/09 ENG Who Was Adyna?
  POL Who is Adyna, pytaj? arty?ci australijscy
02/01/09 POL Grudniowy Biuletyn Mt Kosciuszko Inc.
10/12/08 ENG Jindabyne Action Plan (2)
  ENG Jindabyne Action Plan (1)
09/12/08 POL Brawo Ewa Walczak
04/12/08 POL Inny Ko?ciuszko
02/12/08 POL Nasze trzecie spotkanie z Aborygenami Ngarigo
25/11/08 ENG Peak that flushes out heroics and romance
21/11/08 ENG Ambassador Jaroszy?ski becomes a Festival Patron
11/11/08 ENG Jindabyne Monument to the Great Polish Explorer
04/11/08 POL Wiosna w Coomie czyli Competition Promo Trip
23/10/08 POL Oficjalny komunikat w sprawie konkursu graficznego
  ENG The Strzelecki Graphic Competition officially announced
20/10/08 ENG “Achieving together”: The Strzelecki Competition Crib
14/10/08 POL Festiwale Ko?ciuszkowskie w latach 60-tych
02/10/08 ENG & POL Festival Program 2009 | Program festiwalu

The following documents were either distributed at the festival, or were produced to promote the festival.

- Official K'Ozzie Fest program (278KB, PDF)
- Progam for Christopher Malek's Piano Recital (602KB, PDF)
- Seen from Australia: Film Commentary (299KB, PDF)
- Flyer distributed by the NSW Parks and Wildlife Services (365KB, PDF)

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